First Port of the new site build of 2017!

So now that I have most of the pieces in place it’s time for a first post. I thought I would start with the “A Small Project” example. Using an old computer mother board and a few HO scale train figures on a coffee table. Then placing that in front of the living room window as the main source of  light and some pieces of aluminum foil as a reflectors was the original setup. The camera was on a tripod of course and using a cable release and 200mm macro lens I began taking images at varying focusing points. Later I would stack those images in Zerene Stacker software.

Since I was lacking a rail system, I manually change the focus of each image through the entire range depth of the scene and then in post fine tuned the images.

One of my favorite images of this process was Overclocked. As a technologist we sometimes push the design limits to the breaking point and I wanted something that would represent that. Also I used a somewhat familiar arm reaching out from the broken CPU sink cover.

A metaphor for computers that are setup to run faster than they are designed.

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