New prints going up

I just ordered 3 new 20×30 acrylic prints for the June gallery show. Acrylics are popular and I’m hoping they arrive before hanging day.

Bailey, the local stray.

“Bailey” is our local stray. He welcomed us to the neighborhood 2 years ago. He was fixed already, but we did tended to some of his medical needs as well as feeding when he stops by. He`s just to unpredictable to adopt at this time.

Sol Duc Tributary
One of the tributaries on the hike to the falls.

The tributaries on the Sol Duc Falls hike are amazing; filtered sunlight, moss covered rocks, flowing fresh water.

EMP Abstract
EMP Abstract

EMP Abstract was created using HDR to enhance the color tones by pulling more out of the shadows

These images have never been printed and I’m anxiously to see them.

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