Souls of Stump Lake - project

Souls of Stump Lake

The Souls of Stump Lake project are depictions of these old growth stumps on the edge of a reservoir located at the summit of Snoqualmie Pass. They were clear cut around 1917 to salvage the timber prior to filling the reservoir. They stand anywhere from a couple of feet to well over 12 feet in height. And what appear to be eyes are springboard cutouts. Lumberjacks used these to insert wooden planks to stand on and get above the wide base of the tree. The tree trunk is thinner just a few feet above the ground and reduces the amount of cutting needed to fell the trees.

This area is only accessible during the fall and before the first snow fall of winter. From around Nov to March the area is covered in snow and from April to July these stumps are under water. Through summer Yakama Valley uses the water and the level drops revealing these 100-year-old stumps.


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