Snow on Rocky Point

We had some more snow on Super Bowl Sunday but I just got around to editing it today. This image is made up of 24 shots and will print natively 20×60 inches. I’m still hoping for some color but that might not happen until winter.


The technical stuff;

Canon 5D II
Canon 400mm f/5.6 lens
cable release, tripod and mirror lockup

ISO 100, f/9
Bracket 1/100, 1/200, 1/400
Photomatix Pro 5 – Natural saved as a 16bit TIFF
Panoramic stitched in Photoshop

The reason for doing an HDR was to compensate for the tonal range from the white snow to the dark shadows under the eves and to keep some detail in the snow as well as pull out the spots of colors around the hillside. The sky was a little weird to start with; that blotchy/halo stuff you get when you push the HDR range. But in this case it was naturally occurring in the sky, a band of light area behind the trees with that darker gray overhead.

Snow on Rocky Point

Snow on Rocky Point

A 100% crop from about the middle of the pano so you get a feel for the detail.

Rocky Point Detail

Rocky Point Snow Detail

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