I need to start being more rigorous about posting!

The weather is warming up and I have this urge to camp, but Memorial day weekend is not a peaceful time to camp! So maybe a couple of images from around the house for now.   The bird feeders have attracted more than birds this last few weeks. Chuck and Charlotte the squirrels have ravaged […]

It’s been awhile since my last post

Well I have decided to venture in to the photography business here in Bremerton Washington. I just got my business license and now setup to do some local work on the weekends. Please feel free to leave a message and I will get back to as soon as I can. This month was for the […]


The fog rolled through the inlet this m0rning rather quickly, but I was able to grab this shot.  

Snow on Rocky Point

We had some more snow on Super Bowl Sunday but I just got around to editing it today. This image is made up of 24 shots and will print natively 20×60 inches. I’m still hoping for some color but that might not happen until winter.

First Snow fall in Bremerton

We moved to Bremerton in the spring of 2016 and I’m just starting to get to know the place. One thing I noticed off the bat was the amount of rainfall here living so close to the foothills of the Olympic mountains. Much heavier than the general Seattle area. But I was also looking forward […]

First Port of the new site build of 2017!

So now that I have most of the pieces in place it’s time for a first post. I thought I would start with the “A Small Project” example. Using an old computer mother board and a few HO scale train figures on a coffee table. Then placing that in front of the living room window as […]