Don loves dramatic light; a single sunray or sheets of light on the edge of a rain storm. The morning of the first snow fall or winter’s warm and low angle of light in the Pacific Northwest. And the reflection of light on still water or in the wet city sidewalks just after the rain stops.

Don first introduction to photography was in his freshman year in high school. Being recruited by one of those teachers in the basketball gymnasiums looking to get on your dance card for the fall classes. Don would learn a lot from this teacher over the next 4 years. Developing his own B&W film and prints. Playing with flash bulbs, long exposures and eventually becoming the president of the school’s first photography club.

When it comes to printing, Don prefers to use a professional lab for a variety of reasons. And it’s not just about controlling cost and the consistency of the final product, but also for the breath of options that are available. Anything from your standard 3×4 prints, canvas wraps and specialized metal to acrylic prints. And controlling his workflow from click-to-print is critical to maintaining his original impression of each scene. Every piece of work is personally inspected which can cause some delays for the extra handling. But he would rather delay a piece a few days than ship something not up to his standards.